Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


This icon is particularly apt, today.

I'm having a very bad 'blech!' moment. I am feeling like my writing is Crap, my ideas are Stupid and I was epic crazy to even attempt Torn World. It is cold feet, I can accept that. Tomorrow, the site goes public (though the story doesn't start in earnest until January), and it's a little like getting ready to parade around stark naked.

Add to that the fact that tomorrow the big giftshop news goes live and I have to write up that still (this isn't an easy thing to write!!), and headcold from hell is still making me sound frog-like and phlegmy and OMGBUYINGACAR and a very strange night sleep-wise. (I took cold medicine, and then it was morning, except that I was still way drowsy and my dreams were very vivid and weird and clung to me longer than usual.)

It also occurred to me today that tomorrow being July 1 also means I have to do artistpay. *dies a little*

Blech, I say.
Tags: argh, business, car, life, torn world
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