Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Quick note

I've been brief, at least publicly, and mostly whined about being sick (how can THIS MUCH phlegm be packed into sinuses this small??), but I would like it noted that, despite the absolute, inescapable MADNESS of the next 6 months ahead of me, I am unexpected, thoroughly happy.

It's going to be a nuthouse, here. I have no doubts of that. I have a mountain of business things to do in anticipation of major changes, and the fair and D*C are just around the corner, there are major, huge work crunches that will pretty much require me to be here fulltime the rest of the summer and well into the fall, and there's Torn World, and I've got family visits to arrange, and the house is still going to get sided (the last window goes in this weekend, I think) and it seriously makes my head spin thinking about it, but... I'm excited. There's more thrill than dread, and I feel really good about everything I've decided.

Thank you, everyone, for all of your support through everything - if this is what the end of an era feels like, bring it on.

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