Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

*kisses scanner*

Who loves ya?

It goes without saying that all criticism is welcome. Shred away!

I’m horrendously pleased with this one. What do you think of this small version with details type layout? Should I keep doing this?
The original title for this piece was 'Operation Fishies Freedom,' in reaction to the whole Iraqi mess, but I think I’ll stick to 'Freedom.'

I cropped most of the screwed up background out. I plan to try to salvage the mermaid, since I rather like her. Except for that monstrous upper arm. And that funky extra ridge of finsythings. Eh. Maybe I won’t salvage this one.

Hokey, maybe, but for all her little flaws and minor irritants, Elfwood is still awfully special. This is a something of a tribute to her.

Her name is Elwyn.

This is kind of a spooky one. I didn’t much like the guy at first, but after I turned him ghostly, I was rather pleased with the effect. I’m not completely sold on the composition, but I like the idea of it. I was aiming for good rich darks.

This was originally to be a submission to Vicki’s Elf Eyes page, but I found myself feeling really lukewarm about it. It might work with color. Note the clever two-moon reflection in the pupils. I said clever, not original!

A looong, looong overdue logo commission. Or at least, the pencil version. Can one of you who has ever actually seen a lavender plant let me know if that’s even a little close to what lavender looks like?

I’ll stick the last piece over in snowunicorn because it’s Torn World art.

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