Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The icon is me, right now.

Trying desperately to get my ducks in order - show this weekend, Cordova next weekend, calendars and anthology all need to go to the printers THIS MONTH, emergency unexpected big Express order for print services has to go out nownownow, must get new contacts before the end of the month, and Torn World will be gearing up, boss has big presentation tomorrow evening and is already frowning over how much time I'm taking off in general, and the usual PANIC, MAYHEM and DISASTER.

Jake and I decided to buckle down and do the last two windows we were waffling over. It's sort of a now or never thing, and it will be so NICE to have bigger windows in those spots. Plus, they were on sale. So, add that to my 'this month' list.

Instead of doing any of that last night, I decided to stem off nervous breakdown with some art in front of the TV.

She still needs a lot more work and eventually a background, but it's coming along.
Tags: business, dayjob, house building, life

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