Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Good morning! (If barely!)

I did not get the heat pressing done yesterday that I wanted to, alas. The outlet for my heat press was un-wired, due to the window renovation, and the electrical box was broken. So, instead, I installed a new electrical box and receptacle, re-insulated and re-sealed the wall. It still needs siding and a faceplate, but the power is back up and running. Neglected to take photos, but will tonight. The boys nailed the shearwall back up, so if we get THE BIG ONE (earthquake), our house won't fall down.

I have refreshed my Etsy story today ( http://ellenmillion.etsy.com ) and listed a few originals and some prints not available elsewhere!

Today's running around to do:

Sign new fair contract
Pick up antenna at Donny's
Wash car
Go to bank
Food shopping

Today's coding to do:

Work on the customer service page. And new look.

Today's dayjob load:

7 hours

Today's construction to do:

Finish wall in studio so I can plug my heatpress in again and get orders out!

I'm already pooped!

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