Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Not Enough Time in the Day

Sometimes I walk into my studio, and I look at the piles of half-complete orders, and I think about the projects I have that need polished up, and I remember that I still need to finish the last page of the paper dolls book, and I consider the massive webpage changes I want need to make and I turn around and walk right back out of my studio.

Part of it is the day job. I squeeze in maybe a half an hour of EMG after I send Jake off to his job and before I drive off to mine, and maybe a half an hour in the evening before Jake gets home. Then there's dinner and dishes and whatever housebuilding project we're in the middle of, the garden, the pets and the family stuff. A day a weekend is usually largely allotted to social things (gaming, or science fiction dinner night, or chalking in the park), and the other to housebuilding projects.

I have writing projects I want to do. Torn World needs to start gearing up in July. I have the fair in August and Dragon*Con in September. I've got emails stacking up. I've got coding projects out my ears. (I did get a spam filter up at the registration end of emg-zine yesterday, yay!)

It's all very overwhelming right now, and I need to sit down and break it into manageable goals, because the scattered, crazy-nuts pile of things I'm looking at now is just plain terrifying. I can do this stuff. I know I can, and I will. But all jumbled together like this, it looks like too much and the fear is downright crippling.

So. For today, I want to write one page on City of Lights, get the new Fantasy Art Shop look polished up, update the EMG-Zine guidelines page, order t-shirts, go to the post office with the weirdo order and contract copies, get my inbox down to 50 and get caught up on orders.

That's achievable, I think. As long as I don't think too hard about everything else that isn't getting done.

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