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Ellen Million

Just stuff....

I'm packing up the last of my orders now. I was a bum all weekend and did nothing but nurse my migraine and play computer games (an awesome, super cheap 3D casino-building sim), so I expected to be more behind than I actually am. I was able to zip off a custom sketchcard print order, make some purses and wallets, 1 mousepad, 1 handbag flap, a big print, some ACEO cards, and I'm... done? Shocking!

I haven't been feeling particularly great about my business lately - like it's eating too much art time, or I can't make products to my own standards, or like it's a Big Fat Failure and I am wasting my time... but today, I'm pleased. It sort of hums along on its own when I can't devote time to it, I am LOVING the new look I'm coding into it (sneak peek), and I looked at the modest pile of products as I started to put packages together and they made me happy. I would miss this part if I jobbed the production out. (Though there are LOTS of other parts that I wouldn't miss at all!)

I was a machine at work, today, too. Trouble-shot the computer (bad graphics card, replacement winging its way towards us!), completed 8 reports, and set up a half dozen more. All while answering the hundred billion phone calls and coding on the web-based timecard program I'm working on.

Then Jake and I worked out for an hour, and came home to eat leftover tamale pie and southwestern soup.

I feel productive! It's 8 PM, and the house is cleaned already. I just need to finish packing 2 orders and print some labels. I'm just about packed for my trip (I'll be gone 6 days or so!) and I'm looking forward to painting and taking photographs in Juneau.

Labels printing! Scrabble game with the husband and maybe some Star Trek? No, no... must clear memory cards and pack camera, first.

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