Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

May To-Do

1. Layout RWH tarot cards. Step 1: burn all that stuff onto a disc so I can bring it out to the house and work on weekends without that commute crap. Step 2: Photoshop fun. Update: no progress. Hopefully can burn disc this weekend. Really must work on this. I hate having it hanging over my head. Update2: Argh!

2. Work 31.5 more hours of overtime and purchase tablet. YAY!! (Yay for the tablet, not the stinking overtime, that is. Two hours tonight, probably several two hour evening extras this week, so maybe I can get another 10 hours in before Saturday, 8 hours Saturday, that leaves 13.5. Yuck, but oh well. TABLET!) Update: This probably isn't going to happen until the end of June, but I'm not heartbroken. Disappointed, but oh, well... Update2: *sulk*

3. Finish second mermaid piece for coloring book. Maybe even do a third? I *really* like the second one so far... Update: Art time RULES! Finished the second, started the third. The third is even about 20% inked. Update2: Well, the third fizzled out, but I may do another. May even try to salvage the mermaid part. It was the background that sucked so badly. Too ambitious, perhaps.

4. Fix temp webpage, re-categorize, and reinsert all the existing entries. Probably only 150 or fewer entries once all the duplicates are weeded out, and it'll be mostly copy-pasting. Just have to get that darned {{logentrywhatever}} template-thingy to work. *shakes graymatter* Update: some crawling progress here. Yay! Update2: I've somewhat figured out the logentrything, but now I'm stumped on categories. *ponderponderponder*

5. Finish up re-contracting all my artists. Add all the new work to the webpage. Update: waiting for completion of #4. Update2: Wrote a 'please help me' email hoping that people will take the initiative and update their own contracts. Two replies. :)

6. Knock heads with Jennie over the Project and see where it stands. I think it's actually pretty close to being launchable... just need to add all the goodies we've been doing for it and clean up some details. I don't care if it's launched by the end of May, but I'd like to see it out by mid-summer, for sure. Update: need to figure out how many pieces we want to start out with; I think I have about 15 that I'm pleased enough with. Update2: I think I've done a few more since then... maybe two?

7. RWH stuff. At least one piece. Either the co-write with Linda, co-write with Beth, or a piece of art. Update: uhhh... nothing. At least I got something in last month. Earlier this month. Whenever it was... Update2: Well, I finally said something on the email list, but still haven't accomplished anything.

8. Kadanzer stuff. Ought to at least get 'Nothing Fair' finished rough and finish editing that monster 'No Promises.' 'Brewing2,' as well. Those edits weren't so bad. Update: woo hoo! No Promises and Brewing2 are resubmitted. Nothing Fair hasn't moved an inch. Update2: Nothing more on Nothing Fair, but a few story notes for new stories. Greeeeattt.

Added some things to my list:

9. House stuff. A flush toilet by our birthdays would be the cats meow. How hard can it be? Wait... I know better than to ask that. Update2: Drumming up the energy, have started a game plan with Jake.

10. Yard stuff. I want to plant some Irises and fireweed and transplant some spruce-lings and seed what will be a yard until we build a porch. Update2: Got some strawberry plants to plant. :)

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