Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

ACEOs for sale, watercolor brushes and cutting up artwork...

I took scissors to some older artwork today.

Literally... and carefully.

These are pieces of artwork that I sort of liked bits of, but that didn't work as a whole for me at all.

And, because I need decent watercolor brushes in a major way (all mine are cheap AND well-used, and contribute greatly to my general frustration with color), I'm trying a fundraising experiment!

(Click them to see larger versions)

I'm asking $20 each for Phoenix 2, Messenger 1 and Messenger 2.
$15 for Phoenix 1, Faerywoods 1, Atlantis 1, Faerywoods 3, Window 2.
$10 each for Messenger 3, Window 1 (CLEAVAGE!), Atlantis 2 and Atlantis 3.
$5 each for Messenger 7 and Faerywoods 2.
$2 each for the rest.

Domestic shipping is included in each price, international adds .50! Comment, email or contact me in one of the gazillion ways you know how to claim. First come, first served. Each one will be signed and titled, no prints will ever be made.

I will also consider trades, but since I'm trying to earn towards some nice brushes (which are holy bajeebuz expensive), cash will be given preference.

I am also planning to chop up : The Morrigan. I already have it sketched into awesome little bits, but if any of you guys are interested in the un-snipped-up original, please let me know ASAP. It will make 6 great ACEOs, so I'd like to get $120 for it. (There is a wing in the clouds that I photoshopped out for the book version shown here, I will show you the unadulterated scan if you ask.)
Tags: aceos, art, business, capitalism

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