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Weekend and thoughts

What a nice weekend.

Jake had Friday off, so I was left free with the car that day. I worked my requisite 8 hour day, went shopping for weekend food, did some minor business busy-work, and went home. It's nice not having to schedule around someone else. I got a little sketching done Friday night, and went to be early with a headache. Stupid head.

I slept in on Saturday. As long as I felt like it. It was marvelous. Got out of bed about 10 finally, feeling rested and relaxed, with no hint of a remainder headache. We had a good breakfast (microwave scrambled eggs with Nicki's amazing salsa and Tilamook sharp cheddar cheese), and went for a loooong Saturday ramble. We were gone about 3 hours, and figured we went about 8 miles.

A little about our trail: We own 36 acres. Nearly 8 of these acres are in a triangle right up against the road, and there's a section line that separates it from the back 28. Along this section line is an easement that we hope to have abandoned, since the only place the trail runs is through private property to the road, or to a second trail through our back 28. We have this trail blocked off with rope and survey tape, with some no trespassing signs. Very few people used that trail to begin with, and I don't think anyone uses it now.

In the other direction, the trail runs through a 305 acre greenbelt that is owned by the borough (equivalent of a county). That greenbelt can't be developed without an initiative in the government, so it's very likely that we'll never have neighbors in that direction. This is the direction we went walking.

We took Khan, the huge white dog we're dogsitting, but had to leave his sister, Dhagu, at home. She bolts, and she's strong, so we didn't particularly want to walk with her.

The path begins well-groomed. It was cut by heavy equipment at one point in its history, so the grade isn't ever very steep. It is still used enough that nothing much grows up on the actual path. It helps that foliage in Alaska doesn't have much of a growing season. It was about 50 degrees, sunny and windy. Some of the places still had ice on the puddles, but for the most part, it's been warm enough that the water is open. The trail was muddy in areas, but principally dry, easy walking.

We took a side-trail, far less developed, and spent some time going uuup and dooown little ravines. It was quiet, and peaceful and fun. We found very fresh mooseprints in the mud on the trail, and just as we were joking about how moose would get fresh, we startled a mom with two calves. Khan was very good and didn't run after them. :)

I came home with a fairly sore back, and took a nice nap on the couch with Velcro. Velcro isn't allowed on the bed, so sleeping with her is something of a treat.

For dinner, we fired up the grill and had steak and chicken breasts with four bean salad. Mmm... We've been living too long on microwave crap and easy-cooks. It's *tough* making good food when you don't want to steam or grease up the house (no hood yet), you don't have an oven or a stove, and you don't have many dishes, and what you do have out is a serious pain in the butt to wash up because you don't have running water. 'Disposable' food is the way to go, but it gets old. Fast.

Sunday morning, I lazed around in bed until Redwall. Then we watched two episodes of Family Guy. Hee!! I left home about noon to go into town and work on my business, shower and go to gaming. (And shopping, we ran out of dogfood.)

Dad is writing me a database that will Kick Ass. He's built it in Excel, and I'm awfully pleased with the demonstrations; it will save me SO much time. If I save email orders in txt format in a particular folder and then run this little script, I can download all of that information straight into my database. It updates the address book automatically, logs in orders for each customer, keeps track of inventory and artist fees, credit card fees, costs, shipping, credits, it recognizes new addresses, it's easy to update and change... I LOVE it. It has a few bugs in terms of moving from Win 95 (which is what Dad is working in) and Win98 (which is what's on my computer). Once these are worked out, I'm going to have an automated system that will save me SOOOO much time and effort. It's pretty, and has a non-Excel interface with my Northern Lights picture. It's Dad-brand funny, too, with little hidden jokes and funny error messages and stuff. With the newly automated webpage, I'm going to have a much more autonomous business that will be so much easier to update and keep up with. I'll be able to concentrate more on the interacting with people and recruiting artists and making the stuff than the stupid updating the database and filing paperwork and looking things up. Tax time and artist-pay time is going to be practically eliminated. *blinks* I wonder if I can get the contracts automated, too... OooOoo. I need a better system there, still.

Gaming was great fun, and I drew a picture of Mia's character that I'm very pleased with. I just need to get Donnie's character description, fuss with Jeffrey's portrait, and I'll have the whole gang. We're doing a diceless Amber campaign, which is the first RPG I've actually been involved in, and it's been tremendous fun. We've started a second game, Seven Seas, which has introduced me to dice gaming, and I need to go to the comic shop and get some dice. Fun stuff! I understand the addiction. And I must Never try Everquest. NEVER. I'd never get anything done. Five or six hours one day a week for gaming I can do, but I know me... I'd want to be playing it now. :P


I've been realizing lately that I don't read anymore.

I used to read voraciously. At least a few novels a week at least, and on weekend days, maybe even a few in a day. I loved to read, even stuff that I realized was horridly written fluffy stuff. Fantasy mostly, but historical romance and whatever was lying around. Carl Sagan books. I'd read a few hours a day, and my ideal weekend was entirely devoted to lazing about with a few good books and a plate of food.

Now... I read a Sara Douglass book late last year. I think that was the last book I've read that wasn't 'how to build a house.' I *miss* my books. I *miss* reading. People wonder how I accomplish what I manage to accomplish? I sacrificed reading, for one.

It wasn't really a conscious sacrifice, it just sort of happened most of the way through my college career; I didn't have *time* to read for fun.

Interesting realization.

Anywho, I doubt anyone actually wade through all this, but thank you if you did. It makes me feel interesting. :P

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