Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Blah, blah and blah.

Thank GOD it's Friday.

I. Am. Beat.

My head is killing me and my back is killing me. I don't even want to draw, which is a telling sign.

Caught up on a few random emails and promised documents (ie: elfwood livejournal rules), and I'm looking at my in-progress storylist wondering why I've got no motivation. Blah.

Trying to convince my boss I'd be more productive if he bought me a 18" Cintiq tablet. I doubt it will work. I did finally convince them to buy me an Epson 1280. :P It gets put at *my* workstation, hooked up locally to *my* computer and I've already warned people that if they touch it, I will remove their fingers.

Huh. Got the snowwhite virus in my mail today. I hadn't seen that one in a loooong time.

I have roses. :) Work bought them for all the ladies in the office as part of a rotary club fundraiser. I got the yellow-peach kind with red tips. Probably my favorite. I took half of them to my mom yesterday because they are her favorite kind, and I wanted to share the wealth. They smell heavenly.

*searches for pain pills*

Bought Jake a cool book for his upcoming birthday today; an atlas of world domination, basically. It has mongols; he'll like it. I'm thinking of getting him a french maid's outfit. Erm... not for him. Well, yes, for him, but... *flees blushing* TMI, I know...

I don't like the shower here at work much. It's needle-y, and it takes for-friggin-ever to heat up. Very cramped, too. The shower at Jake's work is vastly preferable. Big, airy, untraveled, brand new, cute showercurtains, lots of elbow space and cleeeean. Oh well, a shower is a shower, and it's nice to be clean.

I ramble. So sue me. It distracts me from my headache and the shopping I'm going to have to do, and the guilt over not having figured out and fixed my webpage or accomplished my list of things to do.


WHY is there still an hour of work before I get to go home?!

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