Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Swine Flu

Is it me, or is this the slowest and lamest pandemic Ever? Come on! If this were Hollywood, half the civilized world would have it by now, and our hero (a doctor, of course - and a sexy one!) would already have isolated the vaccine as well as a miraculous cure and right now there would be a power struggle over distributing it by means of an innovative new vector something etc. And the love interest would be dying of it. Beautifully, with soft lighting and long lingering looks from pristine white sheets.

Instead we get lots of warnings to wash your hands, and some schools closing because there are DEFINITELY some cases of POSSIBLY the flu. But maybe not swine flu. And it hasn't been worse than a cold for anyone outside of Mexico.

And it doesn't even cause zombification.

Color me disappointed.
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