Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Good morning!

Another gorgeous morning, and I can't believe how fast the snow is retreating. The fields are clear, and there are dark circles around all of our trees up on the hill.

Have some silly art:

This is my entitled, arrogant, possessive, passive-aggressive ElfQuest elf, dolled up like Number 6 from Battlestar Galactica. River Twine is having a contest for drawing an RTH character as a TV character; this was too perfect a fit to pass up.

High heels are hard to draw! I finished this in a few hours, so there's a lot to nit-pick, but it was still fun.

And, a meme from ysabetwordsmith:

Haiku Birdwatching Meme

1) Watch for birds today.
2) Write a haiku about one or more birds you have seen.
3) Post it on your blog.
4) Encourage other people to do the same and to reply with a link.
5) Enjoy the poems flitting around the Internet. Maybe you'll find one that you want to put in your pocket.

I am not a poet, but here you go:

The geese have come north,
disappointed by the snow,
like the rest of us.

(Though this applies to a few days ago, not today!)

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