Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Oh crap! Pixel-stained musing...

Ack! Pixel-stained technopeasant day is in TWO days!! I was going to write City of Lights for it, which is the grand, gorgeous opening story for Torn World, and will be wonderful, but right now it's all in ugly pieces on the floor and I've lost the instruction page. (Which is to say, I've been assembling too much furniture and it's NOT NOT NOT ready.)

Poll #1387796 Pixel-stained Technopeasant Day Offering

Ellen Should:

Recycle something that's already been printed that maybe you haven't seen yet...
Find something that she's written but hasn't put up publicly.
Buckle down and finish the damn story she was going to do in the first place! Who needs TIME?
Write something different.
Not do anything.
Pixel-what-ed technowhoswhich?

If Ellen writes something new, it should be:

Fanfiction of some variety.
Torn World
Jenny and Bjorn
Something else
Ellen should stick with non-fiction and not be permitted to write her fluffy fantasy crap.

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