Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm not really back yet.

Jet-lag like woah, can't tell time of day to save my life.

Have been cleaning like made since getting back - bedroom has been gutted in prep for the closet wall. Two filing cabinets eliminated from upstairs, and Jake's dresser replaces one of them as a (much, much more attractive) bedside table. My bookcase has been straightened. The floors have been cleaned. Downstairs, even more. A new entertainment unit waits downstairs for assembly. 'Fred,' our long-time, twice-used particle-board storage unit has been ejected and all of its contents re-organized elsewhere. The re-painting of the floor has begun - big swathes of gorgeous, clear, un-marred green to replace the horrible peeling, peeling paint.

Big boxes of trash removed. Stacks of old games and old clothing to be offered to my gaming group, and then taken to the transfer station.

A new start.

Fresh energy.

Once I kick this jet-lag.

I'm not really back yet...

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