Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


  • Scoop the cat box
  • Back up my laptop
  • Finish taxes (just a re-write now, and sending the envelope)
  • Did I say 3 orders? Try 13. Can't count. All half-finished now, several are packed up.
  • Call Dr and get a refill on my Epipen prescription so I don't die in convulsions if stung by a bee down in those warm climes that actually have bees.
  • Pick up above-mentioned prescription. - will be ready at 4
  • Pack
  • Newsletter and various posts about closure
  • Turn off everything (auto-reply, site, etc.)
  • Workstuff - 1 more report, proposal design, ASB redlines and TIMECARD
  • Print boarding passes and such

Despite adding more to my list than I manage to cross off, I can feel the panic ebbing away. I have made Decisions. I have a Plan. I feel most excellently Good about things; even if things didn't work out exactly like I wanted, I think that this is the best direction for now and it's a fine middle ground between the dire and the desired. I think I hated the not making up my mind and not knowing and can't decide more than any of the possible options... and I dreaded carrying all of that stress with me on our trip. I'm pretty sure it wasn't going to fit in my carryon...

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