Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

It is always winter.
There is nothing but winter.
Winter is boundless and endless and dark and I'm tired of it.

Please, please, Mt Redoubt, let us leave the state at the end of the week! I need green things, not more *&^?#$ snow.


I need to work on EMG-Zine today, and pay bills. Got a paycheck and am reminded why I'm going to work every day, yay.

Hmm. Last day of the month! I should check my list...

For March: (bolded items were NOT on my list originally, but I did them anyway...)

Torn World:

Finish-edit 2 stories. - nope
Draft another. - also nope.
Finalize art and fiction submissions. - Well, I sort of did, but then decided they needed more fancy features.
Start credits and karma coding. - started! Barely, but hey, it qualifies!


Stay abreast of orders and submissions. - Mostly, anyway...
Get **anything** more done on wishlists. - ah, nope.
New look! - I've started integrating this, at least.
Coded in the new advanced search.
New teas and soap up!

Print Services:

Finish backend pages. - nope.


Change credits spending from $_GET to $_POST. (Allow various quantities)
Finalize design for anthology vol 2 and select work. Want it out by July. Woo!
Fixed contact form to filter out spammy spam.

Portrait Adoption:

Scan new piece.
Complete one more. - dude! I did THREE more!
New look! - Haven't started this yet...
Got the commenty feature coded in to submitted descriptions!


Some piece of artwork. - The Storybook piece! I need to redo the color, because I'm not happy with it yet, but the graphite version will probably be my 'finished' version eventually anyway.
Taxes (though I still need to submit them...)

List for April to follow.

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