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New Work

A very warm welcome to the following artist, new to Ellen Million Graphics' Fantasy Art Shop:

Tracy Cornett

We've also got some new work up from other artists! Here are just a few:

A few featured new projects, features and sales!

You get a last chance at the March sale bundle, and an early opportunity at the April sale bundle. This month, it's a book-lover's delight: one of our wonderful tote bags and 4 random bookmarks, for the amazing price of just $15 (regularly $22!). You pick your own design from over 1000 possibilities!

To help you narrow down your choices, I have added a fantastic new feature to the webpage, an advanced search page. Pick a product and a category, and see only the choices in those combined areas.

Tiziano Baracchi brings us a new line of teas: the Dangerous Women Tea Collection. These feisty females are now available on EMG's fine selection of teas.

Michele-Lee Phelan has illustrated this gorgeous new oracle deck, the Mythic Oracle. A gorgeous and insightful deck and book set, with 45 sturdy, oversized cards depicting Greek heroes and gods.

There are a few bars left of the Biting Pear soap. This soap is a test batch - we are testing the scent (pear and clove), the shelf-life, the color (it may lather a bit neon green!) and the general temperment of this soap. Only 10 bars are still available! It is a soap and bookmark combo, for $8.50.

Delays and closure

My apologies, but there may be some shipping delays due to recent volcanic activity in the Anchorage area. All of our mail to (and from!) the rest of the world goes through this area, and when the planes are cancelled, your orders may wait some extra time at the airport.

If the volcano behaves and our plane can get out, my husband and I will be visiting family between April 4 and April 18. The webpage will remain open, but orders will not be shipped during this window of time.

Be well,
Ellen Million
Ellen Million Graphics: http://ellenmilliongraphics.com
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Work here includes pieces by Tracy Cornett, Ursula Vernon, Cris Griffin, Misty Benson, Michele-Lee Phelan and Tiziano Baracchi. Be sure to visit the webpage for work by more than 200 artists!

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