Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

La la la...

Peppermint tea is still in transit - about a month out, but Chai tea is ready for order! Yay! You can also pre-order the peppermint at this time. I will be discontinuing the chamomile tea - plenty left in stock, but I won't be ordering more when this runs out!

(If you're on the mailing list, you might want to wait and read that before ordering for another bonus announcement...)

I had an exciting time yesterday, sliding into a snowbank in the car. I had waited until there was no traffic (because I am cautious in generally coming from the small road to the highway, and the visibility is not awesome at this intersection), and I was turning and going about 5 mph when I hit a patch of particularly icy ice. My turn seemed wrong, and I applied cautious applications of brake and gas in turn, wiggled the wheel, and thought 'hmm!' while I drifted inevitably into a snowbank at a 90 degree angle to the road. I had time to realize that there were several other indents in this same snowbank where other vehicles had done the same, before pff! I was in the snowbank. The airbag didn't go off, and I was able to pull right out of it without any trouble, no damage done. Still, it sort of rattles you to have absolutely NO control of a moving station wagon in the middle of a highway.

Worked more on the Storybook piece, but haven't scanned it yet.

Have just a little more work to do at work (2 reports) and a quick trip to OfficeMax, and an afternoon with just four orders to get out (and on replacement purse flap), and maybe some more art time.

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