Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG-Zine needs YOU!

I really wanted to take the time today to remind folks about submitting non-fiction for EMG-Zine. No, we don't pay cash. But we do pay credit, and it can add up to a nice little chunk. Write one tutorial or a simple walk-through, and you can get a free copy of the anthology. Make it a 2-parter, and you throw in the shipping, and a print, and a bookmark. Or whatever it is that you want, from a store that has artwork from more than 200 artists. And feel good about what you got, because yes, artists get their full royalties for anything you pick out. EMG loot makes excellent and much-appreciated gifts, in a time when the gift budget is maybe a little slim.

Don't think you have a skill that's honed enough to share? Do some research, or conduct a product comparison! We're looking for a new columnist to do the artist spotlight! Need some ideas for articles we'd like to see? How about a comparison of writing software for different uses (novels vs. short stories vs. poetry vs. coding)? Maybe a look at how to adjust brushes in Photoshop? Or something on drawing posture? How to package and ship artwork (maybe for 2D and 3D separately!) safely and inexpensively? How to henna! Lamination tricks! Heat press tricks! How are covers selected for novels these days? How has contracting changed with e-books and non-traditional presses? What kind of shortcuts can save time when you're trying to meet a deadline without sacrificing quality? How can you get fur texture out of sculpee or clay? Heck, how can you paint or draw fur texture? Have you recently encountered something useful or unusual dealing with copyright law? How do you teach art to young children with short attention spans?

What's more, due to our new subscription model, you may not receive a 'paycheck', but you are eligible for subscription dollars. For each year-long subscription that is purchased at the site, $22 goes directly to our writers and artists. The subscribers pick their favorite articles, and stories, and can allot their funds to YOU. That's cash. Real, honest, bill-paying money!

We accept reprints, too! The next theme we're collecting for is Fire for May (deadline is April 1). Other upcoming themes include: Spiders, Alice in Wonderland, Wizards and Eastern Indian Mythology. Non-fiction doesn't need to fit these themes (but it's always a plus if it does!).

So, if you've got a little extra time, like to write and create, and would like to contribute to the general community of fantasy and science fiction writers and artists, EMG-Zine needs you: http://emg-zine.com/guidelines.php

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