Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

2006; The strange, decadent archives of Ellen Million's art

Let's see. 2006 came directly following 2005, and looked pretty rosy by comparison. I was still attempting to be a freelance artist at this time, so a lot of the work that I did was paid work... or work that I hoped I'd get paid for and sometimes did.

This was a Portrait Adoption submitted description. The client didn't pick it. I'm hard pressed to remember if they selected any of the offerings.

I'm not sure why this commission gave me so much trouble. It was a struggle from beginning to end, and I was happy to have it finished. The final was in color, but I don't seem to have a copy handy.

This was a trade - a piece of artwork for several pieces of chainmail jewelry. I would like to do some more cheesecake. I think I can do better than this, and I want to prove it.

When I was going through my files to put this archive together, I was thrilled PINK to discover that I'd salvaged the linework to this. I like it better than the color final. (Frequently the case for me... but at least I was pushed to do more color this year. Every step helps.)

In case you missed the watermark - this was a commission. I adore doing draped cloth. And big landscapes. I did a second piece for this client that involved perspective and was not as successful. They were happy, which was the important part, and I learned a lot.

In addition to a small handful of portrait commissions, I ventured into technical drawings. This... is an ear. I actually enjoyed this a great deal, and would happily illustrate medical manuals, given the chance.

This was for a boot camp (drawing exercise). Naturally a half-cat, half-frog offspring would be half-kitten, half-tadpole!

An unusual piece for me - more surreal than I usually work, and digital. I want to revisit this - I like the idea, and feel I have more to say with it.

Another commission, playing with a duality theme. I attempted to color this digitally and failed miserably. I may attempt it again at some point.

I love drawing braids. I may have gotten just a little carried away... Sparked by a fairy tale themed artshow, I think.

I did this piece for the Faeries Through the Seasons book.

Another commission, for a wonderful returning client. Testing some watercolor technique and playing with art nouveau styling.

Working for this (same) client allowed me to experiment with color in ways that I wouldn't have explored myself.

A piece for the same client that was canceled partway through. I was glad - the color on this one utterly defeated me.

A self-portrait as a fantasy creature, inspired by an on-line artshow of that theme.

About this time, I was poking at a new ElfQuest fanclub, and created this mellow-mannered character, Greenweave.

I actually found his troubled lifemate a more compelling character...

I actually did a lot of ACEOs this year, too. This is my favorite.

One of the few 'for me' ink pieces I did this year. I have no idea what I was thinking, doing this. Just 'draw this.' Then 'tweak this' and suddenly she's pouring the moon.

I intended this piece to be spring in the Faeries Through the Seasons book, but she wasn't coming together well enough for me... I ended up completing an older work-in-progress instead.

2006 was a pretty full year, creatively. I feel more like I learned a lot than that I produced a lot of great work. That's worth at lot, though...


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