Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Looks like the imaging unit on one of my printers needs replaced. It's out of warranty. (By, like a year.) So, I call to order one today so I can get it as soon as possible... and miss their open hours by FIVE minutes. Now I have to wait until Monday. RATS. I'm 20 cards short on this wholesale order and 6 cards short on another. (I did get some hundred-odd cards successfully printed and folded, so that's a plus.)

That's also my label-printing printer, or I was going to open ordering for chai and peppermint teas and biting pear soaps. Bah!

Otherwise, a productive, order-filling day. Have some keychains to make, 50-odd magnets and some stickers to punch and some more packaging to do, and then I'm calling it a day!
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