Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Okay, the seller CALLED me out of the blue, having not checked their email (and therefore not having received my reply), and I told them basically what I said in the email. They protested that, yeah, it costs a lot more, and they can't take that kind of loss, that they would eat the loss if they are shipping to California, say, but their listing should have said contiguous (she DID use the right word!) states and blah, blah.

I asked if they'd meet me halfway and we could split the shipping. Which, hello, is a pretty huge concession. No... they can't do that, but they can knock $7 off. They'd lose that $7.00, and that's so much... blah blah. Yeah. I told them I'd think about it until Monday. We ended with mutual, 'yeah, I understand where you're coming froms.'

I'm not sure I really need to think until Monday.

That's just bad customer service. I will pay up to $10 more, which is more than I ought to have to, and if they aren't willing to take that, screw them. THEIR error.

(But... I do SO covet the thing. *covetcovetcovet* Maybe $70 worth.)

YAY. She called back again, found a cheaper shipping method that would only cost $10 more and is willing to split the difference. *paypals $5 quite cheerfully...*

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