Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Stuck at Home!

Well, it snowed another 4 or 5 inches last night, and is still snowing. Jake got stuck in the driveway, making is much worse than it had been, and I am stuck at home. Woe! :P

(Yeah, I don't really mind much, can you tell??)

I have a question for etsy people. When you list a shipping price on your page, are you required to stick to it? I ordered ... a thing. It's, admittedly, a large and heavy thing, and I was surprised to see that shipping was listed as just $10 for US addresses. I do live at a US address - this is the kind of thing I check carefully, and usually, they say continental US (which I also am, but allow that most people aren't careful about the distinction), or mainland or SOMETHING. So, I paid $10 shipping. It's a $40 item. That was about as high as I wanted to go on this thing. (Saying what it is would make it very obvious who the seller is, and I don't want to point fingers.)

So, she comes back this morning and wants to charge me $25 more in shipping. Not a 'can you' or 'will you' or 'I messed up and this won't cover costs' - just a very simple 'you owe me $25 more and I'll ship when I get that.'

A 50% increase makes a HELL of a difference in my shopping decision. Can she even DO that?

I should add that I have been in her place, and it bites (so I have some sympathy), but I've always sucked it up, paid the shipping I should have charged, and immediately change my policies to cover that kind of case again.
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