Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


Oh god, my inbox. I'm so sorry if you're waiting on a reply from me. I've got some 250 emails to deal with right now. I am attempting to answer priority stuff immediately, but I'm sure I've missed some in the slush, so prod me again on anything time sensitive, or be patient a little longer.

Am, understandably, feeling a little snowed under with workstuff. I spend a few hours everyday after work getting through the most time critical stuff, but several projects that are *this* close to being done are not likely to get past that last lump immediately. Somehow, more keeps getting added to my list, instead of the other way around!

In other news, we have lost both of our extension cords for the car and truck to the whirling machinery of the vicious snow blower. I'm just glad no one got electrocuted. I took a picture and will post it later. It was below zero this morning, but our vehicles still started (if with complaints).

Sunny today, which is good.

I needed some sunshine.

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