Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Other daily things...

A VERY nice morning. French toast and bacon, long snuggles, and good music, with no particular rush on anything.

My coding triumph of the day: I got article filtering added to EMG-Zine. Now, if an article has strong language, or nudity, you have to be registered, logged in, and have your options set to allow viewing of questionable material. Which means... nudity! Yay! Cris has done a magnificent walk-through of her selkie piece, with a very nice bare male bum. The coding went pretty seamlessly; and I think we'll see an upswing on people registering, which would be nice.

More has also been fixed on Torn World, and I have decided on the desserts I will make for the get together tonight. Pictures, if they work well! Many thanks for your help!

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