Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Locals, I apologize...

Locals, I apologize.

I found out yesterday that we couldn't (easily/affordably) get our hardpack* removed unless the service district called out for another snow removal**. So, I thought to myself, it would be great if we got 12 inches of snow by Sunday!

... and we woke up this morning to find about half of that already!

* Hardpack, for my southern friends, is the layered, solid snow that accumulates in moderate traffic areas - all the loose snow from the year packed down into a driveway glacier. It is very hard, and ours is at least 8 inches thick.

** 'Mobe' (Mobilization) is a big part of the expense of hiring equipment where we live - it can cost as much to GET the equipment here as it does to run it. If the equipment is already right here clearing snow off the roads, though, we can get the job done for much, much less and everybody wins. And the hardpack our driveway is bad enough now that a truck with a plow can't do the job, it will definitely take a loader or bulldozer.

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