Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Dreams and work and other dreams

I had a bizarre and terribly disturbing dream last night that I was sitting in a bathtub, in water up to my hips, trying to get it filled up. No matter how I wiggled the knobs, it randomly put out alternately freezing cold water, scalding hot water, and blood.


I didn't like it, no sir.

Called into work this morning and said, 'I don't feel like coming in. Is that going to be a problem?' John laughed and then asked, most worried, 'Will you be in tomorrow?' When I promised I would, he gave me the day off. Smart man.

So, I'm filling orders and printing cards and laughing over the monstrous stack of cards and all of the organization I'm putting off to sluff onto Jennie when she gets here. Haha! Er, I mean of course, all of the fun and enjoyable tasks that I'm saving for Jennie to enjoy. Yeah. That's what I meant. At least this year I won't be abandoning her willy-nilly to the crowds while I try to put a floor together and haul joists around. I think it'll be delicious fun this year, and we'll actually have a little time to spare. We're definitely going to the Hot Springs again, and this time hopefully we won't have to sneak/bribe/cajole our way in. Of course, we did have it to ourselves! I'm so looking forward to the fair and Jennie's visit this year.

Daydreaming about doing a con circuit, and envisioning my studio in the woods.

All this intermediate saving/working stuff... it's getting OLD. I'm frustrated with my lack of art progress. I'm burnt out at the day job and tired when I get home. I'm moody and discouraged. I have to keep reminding myself that I *am* working towards my goals, that this crap I'm putting up with right now will get me where I'm going. I've taken to hanging up copies of my art around my workstation, just to keep me going. I'm also trying to figure out the ethics behind hitting my coworkers up for orders. There are all the time kids selling cookies and wrapping paper around the office. Do I qualify as a worthy cause? :P

Woops! Printer has stopped, time to get back to work.
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