Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Oh, so livid.

It was a good weekend. Not really blog worthy, but a good weekend.

I was, however, VERY frustrated to receive notice that my copies of the EMG-Zine anthology vol 2 had shipped.

What? (you ask) Isn't that good?

Why yes! (I would say) But they shipped it UPS. To my PO Box (so that I have to drive across town and pick it up in my very limited time at their very ODD hours). To the tune of $2.41 PER BOOK. After they promised to offer me shipping options when they were ready to ship so that I could select the cheapest method.

I wish I had some plates to break. So much for my profit margin.

PS: My email is broken.

PSS: Email is working again, AND the publishers are crediting me the difference between what I would have paid and what I was charged. All is right in the world. The squirrels are appeased. And the bonus is that I get my books tomorrow or the next day.

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