Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Life bits

Sitting at the table, Jake is watching me eat.

Velcro (invisible): Meow? Meow?

Me: Where is she?

Jake: *looks in the basement and the bathroom and at the top of the stairs.* I don't know!

Velcro (still invisible): Meow? (then quiet)

We continued talking until I remembered in alarm that I had been in the icky chemicals cabinet with Velcro milling around my feet some 20 minutes earlier - and I hadn't seen her since. Jake opened the cabinet and *sproing!* out jumps Velcro.

Velcro: Meow!

She had just been hanging out on the shelf in there next to the trash bags. I don't understand why she didn't make more of a fuss!

Later, driving in for bellydancing class...

The moon! I have never seen a moon like this before in my life! It was RED - more red than orange even, and not yellow or pinky like I've seen before, but the color of the sun on smokey days - brilliant, huge, full and RED. Incredible.

I tried to take a picture of it on my cellphone, but what a flop. It's a very bad picture of a blurry snowbank with something bright in the background... looks more like a streetlight than a moon.

I am doing better in class now. Last week - total flop. Fell apart when in front of people, couldn't keep the beat, total disaster-girl. This week - I feel tremendously triumphant! I was totally able to lead for several steps, kept the rhythm, transitioned between the steps without looking like an epileptic monkey, didn't die of mortal embarrassment or anything. YAY.

The next day, on the phone...

Bank of America Technical service: What browser are you in now?

Me: IE. I usually use Firefox. (I have tried my account in 'a different browser' at their request.)

BOA: You don't have Internet Explorer?

Me: ... IE is Internet Explorer. I? E?

BOA: Oh.

They were unable to solve my problem... Surprise!

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