Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

All the gnus that's gnus.

For the extra savvy shopper, the price on my used coloring books at Amazon has dropped to 70-odd dollars. (With two disappointed sellers dropping their price to $7... Awwww!)

I had a very social weekend - Friday I watched Japanese soap operas with Jennie and Liz. Saturday I caught up on Battlestar Galactica with the girlz... I made my famous sourdough pizza, and there was baked squash and margaritas and chocolate cupcakes and chicken wings. (Holy frak! Can this show get any crazier?!)

Sunday was gaming - we're starting a fresh game, that I think will be a lot of fun: Slipstream, set in Strange Worlds. Very Flash Gordon. Not a ripple of drama - just a mellow character-creation day with lots of potential for good stories and cheesy adventure.

Work is being crazed, but manageable.

I coded in some improvements to the backend of my site that should make getting through the queue a little more manageable. Yay! New work is going up regular-like.

All for now. Need hot chocolate...

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