Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

My weekend was eaten!

Sunday was eaten by a virus! Saturday was eaten by a baby shower! As choices go, I would take Saturday over Sunday anytime.

The baby shower was very non-traditional - we had a henna party with Indian food, and I made naan and it was all very, very fun and delicious. I have a turtle henna-ed on my wrist now, and a deep desire to pursue this form of artwork. Seriously... *love.*

We also watched a bollywood movie, and even though it meant getting home at 2 in the morning*, it was worth it. American movies are greatly lacking in big gaudy dance numbers with really bad costuming.

(*I left before 1 AM, but had to drop off two of the girlz and needed a few things at the store. How long could it take at 1 in the morning? I thought. Hah! There were seven people in each checkout line, most of them with heaping carts... and most of them in formal evening wear. It was VERY bizarre. I did not ask.)

The virus... we shall not speak of. I believe I have won. But jeezus, it took ALL day. Not a happy camper.

Today, I got to work, and my car is smoking badly from the engine. ARGH! May have a major oil leak, we shall have to see.
Tags: argh, girlz, life, technology
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