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Spent most of yesterday in bed, or on the couch, wincing at loud noises and cradling a cold, uncomfortable soda can to my head. It was mild, for a migraine... felt more like I was hung-over than anything else, but I hadn't had a drop to drink on Saturday. Worked 10 hours on Saturday, so maybe it was a work hangover. Sadly lamented the lack of a good freezer... I miss it most when I've got headaches and no soothing icepacks. Our winter 'freezer' (an action-packer outside) stopped working when it started being above freezing during the day. :P

Saturday wasn't *all* bad. They (being the evil Work Theys) called me just before 10 and asked me to work 'a few' hours. I came in about 11:30 AM, and was there until about 9:30 PM, then went directly to my friend Melody's for a spaghetti dinner. We went through memorabilia from HS and all the way back through grade school... she just moved into her house and has been unpacking. We were going to take her telescope up to our house and look at stars, but she had to be up early-ish and it doesn't get dark until 12 or 1. I finally went home about 12, fell into bed, and woke up with above-mentioned headache.

We've got Khan and Dhagu for a few weeks. (Khan and Dhagu are Matt's two enormous Mackenzie river huskymix dogs) We cleaned up a bunch of the construction junk that surprised us when the snow melted off and have a mostly non-muddy space for them to hang out during the day on their leads. Velcro doesn't seem to mind the invasion too terribly; she gets the upstairs to herself, and she hasn't been too shy about going downstairs and sitting on Fred to stare down at the dogs. (Fred is our big hand-me-down shelving unit; when we got it, we didn't know how to distinguish it from other shelves. Jake finally said, 'we need something to call it,' and I answered: 'Fred!') She gets big-tailed and fluffy when they move about abruptly, but isn't scared enough to run and hide.

Did no art on Saturday, didn't feel like drawing on Sunday, but I did anyway. I *really* need to learn horse-anatomy. Playing more with the scale of snowies and thinking about putting out a coloring book/storybook w. color cover. I have enough work finished. The unfortunate thing is that I haven't gotten consistent yet; my pictures so far show snowies is about six different sizes and configurations. But I know full well that if I don't do something with the work I have now, I'm going to think it all sucks in about a year and never put it out. Hmm... Most of what I need is still in storage too, so it probably just won't happen. Hmph. (More musings on this subject at snowunicorn)

Getting very enthused and motivated in terms of plumbing, and I've got Jake gearing up, too. Yesterday we were both dying for showers. (Came in early this morning and showered in town) I'm sick of peeing outside.


Feel fairly rested today, for once. Helps that I slept a *lot* yesterday.

Note to self: stop at parents', pick up black shelving organizer-thingies and bristol pad. Leave Nathan's prints and Marilyn's stationery there. Go to Home Despot and get codebook. Go to bank and deposit checks and check balances for EMG. May come back into town and work on orders tonight and do laundry. We'll see how my head is. And what kind of motivation I have.

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