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Didn't get the weekend off, dammit. (Hence the previous entry)

My third mermaid picture spiralled down into suckiness shortly after I started in working on it last night. Jake kindly reassured me it's alright to have pieces go wrong, so I swallowed my urge to throw the sketchpad out the window and doodled a bunch of other stuff that also went nowhere. Started an entry for Elf Eyes Only that didn't turn out as I wanted and I probably won't finish. Worked on a portrait for the Project that is going alright but involves an insane amount of curls and I'll probably never finish it. Started a replacement mermaid that looks vaguely Asian and has enormous knockers, but the arms and torso are all funny and Jake said the tail looked wrong. Wished I had my Alice In Wonderland book... or any books... out of storage. Moped. Definitely *not* a good art night. Rargh.

*cranks up music* Go James Bond music for making everything good and swanky again.

Jake wants to get reindeer. I don't think it's a particularly *serious* desire, but wouldn't it be fun? :) He's looking into zoning now.
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