Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Temporary black hair dye is not temporary.

Splitting headache today. Seriously ow.

They were unable to strip the black off of my hair, after 3 grueling hours at the salon in awkward positions that have left my neck in agony today. But, rather than black with blonde roots, I do have decent looking hair again, sort of a medium brown with blonde-ish highlights. I almost cried after the stripping process because it looked worse than when I went in - my roots were HOT YELLOW and my hair was dark brown, both colors clashing dreadfully and looking very fake indeed. But the stylist knew what she was doing and got my roots dyed to match and did a remarkably natural looking cool blonde highlight that looks... deliberate. It looks like a color I might've picked, and is almost as light as my natural color in places. It doesn't look overly streaky and the colors mesh well. As long as the ammonia stuff was on, and as badly as my eyes were watering, my hair is in remarkably good shape, still.

Word to the wise: temporary black hair dye is NOT temporary. Don't believe the box. It was an expensive mistake.

Workstuff is tentatively thumbsup right now.

I got the coloring book proofs and have approved them - about 6 weeks off of having printed copies (because I opted for the cheap route).

Have a few new artists to set up at the art shop, and then I get some coding time before a shower (with shower cap - no shampoo for a few days) and scurrying off to work. Print services is on the code menu today.

Go away, headache! *stabs with pointy stick*

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