Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Goals for 2009

Happy New Years, everyone!

Fantasy Art Shop
Get the rest of the giftstore fulfillment phased out to Monoceros Studio
Massive re-design, visually.
RSS feed.
More streamlined submission process.
Do a new Christmas design of my own.
Expand tea and soap lines.

Print Services
Revitalize that section of the webpage, through EMG/PA backend.
Full service through MS. (Prints only, phasing into other products as the full transition happens.)

Fantastic Portfolios
Invitation portfolios
Have article integration directly in the critiquing area.
Start phasing in EMG-Zine archives and collecting other resources.
RSS feed.

Portrait Adoption
We need more submitted descriptions. Dig up some TW character descriptions and start collecting for 2010.
Work on graphics around the site - linking banners, particularly!
Comments feature for the SDs.

Finish fixing webpage. (Art submissions script for artboard is buggy right now! Need to add new ads.)
Get the credit spending to post instead of pass to minimize accidentally doubling.
Get the credit spent to email both writer and subscriber, allow anonymous donation.
Get staff page up, posthaste!

Torn World
Finish webpage. It's a good ways there, but I still need to incorporate Karma and Credits, and filter everything by Canon, add a staff page, and a bunch of other stuff. 2010 Jan release date.
Finish/edit first year's worth of stories. (52 would be ideal!)
Draft second year's worth.
Get artwork. (See PA)
Get wiki populated with details.
1 color piece
Recruit contributors in July, webpage goes public with no story content.
Recruit staff earlier - need a story and character board posthaste.

Doooo iiiiiit

Artists of Fantasy
Design is done, thanks to Selina. Need to start integrating new site features. Would be nice to have this finished by the end of the year, too.

2 backstories.

River Twine
2 stories, 2 pieces of artwork.

Freelance Work
Do enough work to pay the mortgage every month.

Get 12 finished pieces, total.

Finish extension.
Paint exterior and floor.
Baseboard trim in the living room.

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