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Okay, so I'm coding away on The Big Not-So-Secret Project, and I'm chewing on my lip over teasers.

See, some of the fiction and artwork will be reserved for paying supporters of the site. The way its coded now, all of the work - supporter-only or public - shows up on the same lists. It is noted which of the pieces are supporter only, and if you click on them anyway, it tells you 'sorry, no!'

It's been mentioned that this seems TOO teasery, that it puts up hackles and could make someone dig in their heels and refuse to enjoy any of it at all.

I could filter out the supporter-only work to a completely separate page and take them off this list entirely (my original plan). But I DO want to make sure that people get a good, obvious idea of how much there is for supporters. Also, it's a lot of work to make this change and I'm feeling bloody lazy and my to-do list is long enough already.

So! I thought I would poll my smart and beautiful blog readers and get an idea of how strongly YOU feel about such matters. I'm completely willing to make the effort if I feel it will make a big difference.

Please feel free to use the comments to elaborate your views.

Poll #1321937 Teasers...

How do you feel about teasers in with public access material

It's cruel! It would put me off of reading the public things and I wouldn't pay out of principal.
It would make me want to pay for the other material.
I would feel a little frustrated, but I'd read/view what I could and enjoy it anyway.
Big deal. I'd hardly notice the teasers.

Which of the following perks tend to make you want to pay extra for an otherwise free service.

Extra material (More fiction, poetry and art)
Access to supporter-only forums and chat opportunities.
Extra downloads (wallpapers, PDF collections)
Knowing that you can allot your fees to specific contributors
Bigger thumbnails.
A tangible free gift (a bookmark or print, for example)
A discount on merchandise
Acknowledgment (maybe with a link?)
Ability to turn off advertising
Free advertising
Something else?

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