Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million


There was nothing actually for 'Ellen,' the program turned up four results, all variations of Helen and Eleanor. I put some notes in. :)

~ Helen/Eleanor ~

~ meaning
Light (all four agreed on this point)

~ motivation
Has a sense of adventure (I like to think so)
To make the best of what you have (Yes!)
Tries to correct injustices (Hmm.. yes, I think so.)
Motivated by those close to them (Who isn't?)

~ character
Known for their self control (moderately)
Known for their impartiality (I dunno...)
A lover of life (sure)
Is a solid individual (Define 'solid')

~ feelings
An intimate person (I'm not sure about this one)
You do not hide your feelings (Never had much success at it)
Is lighthearted (mostly)
Likes to feel relaxed (who doesn't?)

~ intelligence
Open to suggestion (Who, me? Look at my lists of projects... definitely open to suggestion.)
Self-reliant (I like to think so)
Has an inquisitive mind (yes)
Academically minded (yes)

~ spiritual
Has inner energy (Lots!)
Is self confident (Mostly)
Someone with great inner strength (Again, I like to think so)
Is often guided by instinct (Probably more than I should be)

~ nature
Someone who is liberal minded (mostly)
Known for their good humour (yes)
Has an infectious personality (Anyone infected?)
Is a disciplined person (I try.)

~ inherent
Always gracious (I should be, but am not always)
You have a love of all things artistic (yes)
A cultured person (If by cultured you mean I read a lot...)
You are known for your sense of humour (I wouldn't say that was what I was 'known' for.)

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