Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A Day in the Life

ysabetwordsmith suggested outlining an average day. I don't really have a *good* set daily structure, but here's how it might go:

The alarm goes off at 6:45. I generally stay in bed through two snooze cycles and drag myself up at 7. I bring Jake coffee in bed with a kiss, then (if it's cold) rekindle the fire, make breakfast and his lunch, feed the pets, and see him off to work. If it's very cold, his truck needs to be started 10 minutes before he has to leave.

I noodle around on the Internet until about 8. Maybe 8:30 or even 9, if I'm feeling unmotivated or get a forum bug, then sigh and figure out what I need to do in the day. Generally: fill orders, go through submissions, work on books (layout, production, wrangling printers), write emails, code on various sites, answer artist questions, cross a few things of my 'conquer the world' list.

I generally try to do a load of laundry early in the day because our dryer isn't hooked up, so we have the hang dry the clothing in our living room, and it's nice to have it down before evening. If there isn't too much Very Urgent business stuff to get out of the way, I'll do some random cleaning thing - scrub out the microwave, clean the toilet, dust, or sweep.

About 12:30, my stomach will demand attention, and I'll go watch some kind of TV episode while I make leftovers, eat, and then wash the lunch and breakfast dishes. Right now I'm working through Heroes, season 3 - I can stream them from Netflix.

After lunch, there's generally a flurry of orders, organized by what will actually go out that day. I'll drive into town midafternoon to go to the post office and do any shopping that needs to be done (Jake often does the shopping if I don't have another reason to go into town). All the art and supply stores are on the far side of town, so I only make that trip every few weeks when needed. If I have any evening activities, I may put this off so I only have to make a single trip into town. I generally try only to go into town every other day, to save on both gas and time. If I'm not making the trip into town, I may have art/writing time in the afternoon. Unfortunately, I tend to put this off for 'after everything else is done,' which means I often don't get to it at all. My solution to this is to try to schedule an hour for art after lunch. This sometimes works, but I still have the problem of considering it frivolous and fun and not 'getting around to it.'

On days that I work, I have to be there about 9, which means leaving at 8:30... a little earlier if I need to arrive at 9 on the dot, because you never know how the driving conditions will be, and there are several train crossings on my way. I take a bag lunch (or, if I forget, eat at Ivory Jack's across the road. MMM! Their cheeseburgers are excellent) and get off about 4 or 5.

I'm generally back from town about the same time Jake gets home from work. We unwind for a bit together - maybe watch an episode of Futurama - and he makes dinner. Sometimes we'll watch a movie afterwards, or disperse to do individual Internet things (I often spend this time coding on Torn World or one of the other non-critical projects...). We both have laptops, so sometimes this is done on the couch together. We're in bed by about 10, though Jake reads for a while, and I might scribble some notes in my project book, or read, or just go to sleep.

I was tagged by metasilk to list something that makes me happy each day for the next 8 days. *points up* That makes me happy. I really like my life.

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