Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Sleeping, slipping and stuff

Slipped this morning on the ice, and I keep waiting for the back pangs to hit, but they don't. I'll have to be careful that I'm not tense and scared all day or it'll hurt and be my own dumb fault.

Tired. Slept like a *log* last night, which was very nice. I just haven't convinced my body it's awake yet, so it keeps wanting to stand around staring at stuff blankly instead of working.

We have emptied our trench! *pleased* I battled that darn siphon for about an hour after we got home last night. Nasty-tasting water... blech. Also, the channel around the trench collapsed after it wore through the ice, so I had to build another bridge to keep the water from just filling back in the trench.

Once again, better than overtime! Though it doesn't do much towards the tablet... Ah, well. I'll be working tonight.

Feel like I'm missing something. Or forgetting something. I hate that feeling. If I've promised to do something for you, please remind me!

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