Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

The new issue of EMG-Zine is successfully up. I think the bugs are mostly worked out. I hope the Fair Use article doesn't suck. Those of you that have had subscriptions in the past, you have them again until Jan 1st (except for you angels who have already renewed - you have an extra month on your subscriptions!). Please go upload an advertising banner for the rotation! We have so few right now that a) it's a great opportunity to be seen and b) the banner ad rotation is really boring. (These ads will show on archived articles, for all non-subscribers.)

I got one of THOSE emails via the comment form at Portrait Adoption:

COMMENTS: I just want to know how you can charge for something that I could get for
free elsewhere? This is crazy.

I'm carefully composing my response now. It will not contain a diatribe on common courtesy. It will NOT contain a diatribe on common courtesy. Probably they meant the question rhetorically, but I'll answer as if it were an honest request for information.

It's 12 below today, so I've got the woodstove going, and it's wonderfully warm and cozy inside. It makes me sleepy. *yawns*

Best get through my to-do list, now!

~Upload anthology
~Pay printer
~Invoice for freelance work (2)
~Check on bills (student loans haven't cleared?)
~Torn World stuff
~AOF webpage - start putting together pieces.
Tags: emg-zine

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