Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

A bit of a coding setback...


In my mucking with the EMG-Zine site, I thought one of my problems might be that I was using an old php setting. 'Well,' I thought, as I often do, 'I'll just try this and see if it does the trick. If it doesn't work, I can switch it back.' This was to set the site to the newest version of php. Except that there was no switching back. It's a one-way change.

POOF. All my variables were gone. Including all the ones that drove the menus and logged you in and updated information and did basically EVERYTHING. Freaking disaster. I've fixed all the public pages (and the one liiiittttllllee problem I was trying to fix, which was just a stupid extra / mark, actually), but the backend is currently toast, as is the artboard voting. And it took me ALL day to get back up to even that point.

I'm such a disaster.

(On the upside, subscriber ad uploading works now. And I learned some nifty tricks that may be useful later. And I know what NOT to do, so there's that.)

Now, one urgent and one not-so-urgent order to get out, a load of dishes, a shopping and post office trip, and... I'm not sure what my evening holds - no bellydancing class until December!

Tomorrow will be anthology uploading (giving that last artist one last day to get the high-res files in!) and fixing the stupid EMG-Zine backend.

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