Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Contest idea

I've wanted to publish a zine since I first found out what they were... something along the lines of MZB's Fantasy magazine. Mine was going to be called Hybrid, contain science fiction and fantasy, I had several covers designed for it, and Great Big Plans.

Those plans have since fallen through, but that keen love of printed stories and illustrations has never left me. I don't really want to do a regular 'zine... leaping lizards it's a lot of work, and getting something out against a schedule has thwarted better (and less busy) people than I. But, I was thinking about having a contest.

The contest would have two parts.

1) The coloring contest. Any picture, in any one of EMG's current coloring books, is open game. (I'll have to hunt up my artists and see if they agree to this, of course...I'd also wait until the next few books are out, probably...) The piece can be colored by any method; digital or traditional. The winners will be the front and back cover of the printed edition, and maybe one other 2-page spread of illustrations (I'll have to work out details). Maybe the front and back cover are full-sized, and there's a 2-page spread of the next four or six or something...

2) The writing contest. Again, any picture, in any of EMG's current coloring books, is fair game. The author writes a story that would be illustrated by said picture. Stories must be complete and free-standing, PG-13, and probably no more than 10k words. The story must not conflict with anything in the picture.

The prize? Well, publication and royalties. Maybe I could swing a free copy of the book for the top winners. The book would be ~100 letter-sized pages, with full color covers and probably at least one additional full color spread, 10-20 stories with black and white illustrations (from the coloring books) and cost about $30. (~$10 of royalties at .10 a page, may have to go to .05 a page to keep costs reasonable.) There would be no charge for entering, though naturally, they'd need to at least see a copy of the coloring book. I wouldn't match entries against orders of the coloring book or anything like that, and I've got some of my illustrations up, at the very least, so it wouldn't be restricted to customers.

What do you think? Would people go for it? Would any of you enter?

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