Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

More EMG-Zine tweaks...

Well, it took both less and more work than I expected... coding always leads me down blind alleys where I least expect it, but I managed to beat the bits into pieces and make them do what I wanted.

Which leads me to the new subscriber model I'm putting into place at EMG-Zine!

Now, when you buy a subscription to the 'zine, not only do you get access to all of the archives, all of the extra desktops and get the ability to turn off advertising, you also get a free ad for yourself in the banner rotation (subject to approval), you get a discount on the anthology, and you get credits equal to most of the value of your subscription.

Credits are actual cold, hard cash. (Okay, fine, usually it's digital pixels through paypal that are never actually cash, but they are equivalent to cash...) Every credit is $1 - the WHOLE dollar - in the author's pocket.

If you like a particular author, or a particular article or piece of fiction, from anywhere in the current issue or the archives (provided we've got current contact with the author - we won't accept credits for authors we can no longer pay!), you can make sure that your subscription fee is going to THEM. Spread it out however you like - a credit here, a credit there, 10 credits over there. You can save your credits for up to one year after your last subscription expires, at which time they will be lost and all remaining credits applied to the site upkeep and administrative costs.

While not streamlined yet, the credits script is fully in place now and perfectly functional.

By January, the archives will be buttoned back up, so if you've been meaning to catch up on back issues and don't plan to subscribe, catch up soon!


My own list of things to do on the zine page (because that was an effort, and it's Sunday, and I'm DONE for now):

Subscribers perks page (move ad disabling to that page, add banner ad upload form, I'll have to re-write the banner ad footer script)
Block subscribers from applying credits to themselves.
Add ability to give credits to artists in the gallery (this will be tricky!)
Add ability to give non-writing staff credits.
Finish backend manipulation of credits. (Done through database now)


They aren't even in yet, and I'm already a third sold through the handbags. Woah!


Iron Man!!!! We got it from Netflix this week, and watched it twice. A delightful movie - I really loved it to pieces. jemstone, now that I've seen the movie, your costume makes much more sense and gets many thumbs up! I want the fire extinguisher robot. *grins*


I owe you photos - I have dyed my hair midnight black, and it is very shocking and gothic and fun, but probably not something I will do again, so I should get evidence of it while it's here.


I haven't added to my nanowrimo count in days now, but honestly, I'm not feeling bad. I got what I wanted, which is a whole lotta words to work with, and I'm to the point where other things are seriously priority, like the anthology, and TMAS (done! done!) and fixing up EMG-Zine and working on the EMG wishlist script and stuff. Probably won't win this year, either, but it was a fun time, and I'll keep working with what I generated this round. I'm still aiming for 25k. 25k is a nice number.

All for now!
Tags: coding, emg-zine, hair color, minutiae, nanowrimo08

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