Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

EMG-Zine account testers?

Yo! Will a few of you registered EMG-Zine readers log into your accounts and see if you can fiddle with your advertising preference? I think I've got it working so that you can turn off advertising if you don't want to see it. Thanks in advance!

I've also tweaked a few of the pages with some more personal text (for example, thanking prior subscribers and asking them to resubscribe, rather than just spamming them with the same 'don't you want to subscribe' stuff never-subscribers see.) I haven't poked that much into this code, so it's been a bit of a stretch mentally. Janet codes much differently than Ron, who codes differently than Jennie, and sometimes it takes a while before I realize I'm staring at the same logic written differently.

I also have some pretty amazing ideas for some account and subscription improvements... I think you'll like these perks. *grins*

I got most of the TMAS sketches done this evening - just two to go! I waffle helplessly between loving the book and being very embarrassed by my sappy self-satisfaction.

ETA: Oh! And wallets and purses are due in by Tuesday, so they are available on the webpage again! (Not a huge order of them, so supplies are limited!)

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