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Nov. 19th, 2008

TMAS is uploaded and confirmed. We'll see which paper upgrade I like better when I see the proofs tomorrow. *squee!*

Got another 1227 words written in 30 minutes using Write or Die... I really love the program except for one leeeeetle thing: I can't play pandora.com while it's running. Not a huge deal, but I like having music going and am far too lazy to get up from my computer and find a disc I could listen to in entirety.

Total count: 14964


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Nov. 20th, 2008 02:56 am (UTC)
Me again- bwahahaha
I got you addicted to Write Or Die! Heeeeeheheee! Write write write! I got into the 30,000s yesterday, which was amazing to me, I was so far behind. Now I need to write some more today, need to stop being distracted! More Write Or Dieing! My pandora station tends to repeat songs, and bog down my computer so I usually just listen to the radio. :p

I feel strange, because I know where my story is going (pretty much) and I feel it is coming to a close... I have never ever finished a story, beyond one short story, which might not make much sense if I read it now. I guess I am kind of a little afraid to actually getting it all down, after getting the idea in 2003, five years later it will actually be finished. Is this the way a parent feels when they see their five year old go off to school for he first day? Of course I should reassure myself that I will have plenty of editing to do. :)

I really wish I could just read it for the first time, like a new reader. It bothers me to think it might be a bunch of drek... >_<
Ack, read me blathering on, this is not helping my word count for the day! --Jenny--
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