Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Monday update

Yesterday, after several days of working steadily on it, I hated Tell Me a Story. Today? Hmm! I like it again. I have finished a draft of the cover, and will now sit on it to make sure I still like it in the morning. The guts are to the same point and printed in a nice satisfying stack. The art that needed to be rescanned is rescanned, stitched and cleaned up, all the written bits are done, and did I mention that I LIKE it? Ask me again tomorrow...

Got 1116 words written in 30 minutes over lunch using writeordie, and hope to do that a time or two more today. I should practice my bellydancing, too. Soooo lazy...

Had a lovely weekend, good bellydancing show, got a lot of orders worked on and several mailed today.

Dishes now. Then writing.

Nanocount: 13737!
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