Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I'm okay, you're okay...

Tell Me a Story is going to be gorgeous. I'm so entirely pleased with myself right now and I had to drag myself away from it to fill orders. I may hate it tomorrow, but for now - wow. I did this? Who knew? I'm terribly happy with it. Even if it does have WAY too many roses. I'm debating - should I put any work that has been in previous coloring books at all? There are one or two pieces that would fit neatly in here that have already been in other books, some of them are collaborations with other artists, some were in Dotminatrix. Hmm. I'm leaning towards not including them.

Also - should I include a walkthrough at all? Or just stick to finished pieces?

Er, right, not doing that anymore today! (Being good is HARD!)

I have high(er) speed Internet! I haven't really load tested it yet, but the numbers on the speedtest say I've got about 3 times the speed I had. It's still not the speed we paid for yet, but we've got some more troubleshooting to do. May just end up being a filter that needs to be connected to the wall. I was impressed with tech support.

That, unfortunately, sort of ate up my NaNo time. No words today! Words tomorrow. Lots of them.

Oh! Have some art progress from yesterday;


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