Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

Slept horribly last night, lay awake for far too long, had nightmares about the trench of water that won't drain, was awake so long I got hungry, fell asleep at some point right before the alarm went off and had a very tough morning. Took a bucket shower, shivered for an hour. Probably not the brightest thing to do with the nagging almost-cold feeling I've been suffering, but I hate going to work with greasy hair. Don't care much if it's tangled or frizzy or in my eyes or whatever, but messy is different than dirty. I'm the same way about my house.

Waaaay behind on emails and such.

Sylver, I think we're still a go for printing Wish3, but it'll be towards the end of the summer. I hope to have copies to sell at the fair the first week of August. What do you want on the cover? Fragile, wrapped around? Or do you want to do a special, surprise cover that hasn't been up anywhere yet? Still need to finish downloading those darn pictures. Are you cramped for server space? I can get off my butt and do that soon if it's a problem.

Ursula - Thank the postal service gods for safe delivery! You'll note I included a red-tinted one; my printer and I had a little discussion about color. I figured you could find it a good home, at any rate. And thank you so much for the nice plug. :)

Jennie - You're going to looooove that printer. Above occasional color issues notwithstanding. And I finally dug around at your webpage and read your tutorials... fantastic! I wish I'd had something so useful when I was starting out. We almost have enough to do a training manual-thingy already. Said webpage seems to have been down for the past few days???

Apis and Gretchen and anyone else waiting for contract finalization and stuff - I hate being away from my office so much. Please continue being patient? *big hopeful fluttery eyes*

Gretchen - Dunno if I'm being helpful on the Elfwood-LJs or not. I'm just floundering aimlessly.

Happy Birthday Nadia and Yelitza!! Or is it tomorrow? At any rate, hopefully this year will be even better and more wonderful and more full of joy and art and writing. Don't ever stop dreaming.

Any artists looking for something to do: Mermaid coloring book pages!

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