Ellen Million (ellenmillion) wrote,
Ellen Million

I think my brain is on strike. I got another 569 words added last night, for a total of 5381.

I did get my local order delivered yesterday, and packaged orders dropped in the box, and a pile of things made for the bazaar this weekend, which was slower than other years (as to be expected, what with the DOOM and GLOOM and the MONEY GO BYE).

Gaming was entertaining. My character is now captain of the ship, which she considers an awesome opportunity to buy a fancy uniform and a captain's hat. Oo, and button-up shiny boots.

The others claim she's only a figurehead, but Frida's convinced she's the brains behind this whole operation anyway. She's lobbying to name the ship 'The Lovelace,' after her stunning movie-star self.

(She's really, really, really not good at this whole trying to be inconspicuous thing.)

I have to make more prints tonight - Jennie's sold out across the board, I think. I'll bring two of My Princess, for sure. Sold several of the Fantasy Babies calendars, and one Pathfinders deck, two wallets and... I don't actually know what else, since I didn't check the sales sheet and Jennie ran the booth most of the afternoon.

Got home, and though I REALLY wanted to collapse on the couch, I did dishes, instead, and wrote another 585 words while I cooked dinner (baked potatoes and Parmesan chicken). Jake left me a note on the fridge:

Welcome home Beautiful Ellen!! I had a very relaxing day and took a two hour nap. :) GO NANOOKS

I did not have a particularly relaxing day, and my back, which has been bothering me since Thursday, is very unhappy with my activity today. But it's nice to come home to a note like that, and it makes me happy.

Now, I'm going to add to my wordcount some more. 5966 and lots to go!

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